Who is behind the mic?

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I’m Cameron!

Growing up in Glendale, AZ I loved all things horror until it was time to go to bed, that’s when I pulled my mattress into my parents room hoping to survive the night and sleep. To this day I can spend hours searching on the internet reading about true crime and supernatural events. One time I spent every night for 3 weeks reading a court transcript. I know, a little obsessive but biiiitch, I had to! Sylvia, Victoria and I were on a trip when we first discussed creating a podcast. I was ecstatic about having a platform where I can discuss cases with my best friends, being able to hear their opinions and giving mine in return. We may come off a little crazy but, I know you will have a good time listening and you better because this is months in the making!



Hi everyone! I’m Sylvia,

 and I am from and grew up in Phoenix,AZ. I am so happy to have started this podcast with my closest friends. My parents can attest to the fact that I would stay up on the weekends by myself in the living room watching horror movies as a kid. 😅 There are so many fascinating things about the mind, but the horrific and unexplainable things our brains let us do or come up with is something I have always been obsessed with. I hope you enjoy listening to us! Any other time you can find me at a show, out dancing, hiking, or trying to convince my friends to do a ghost tour in Jerome with me! Stay safe putas🔪😆

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My name is Victoria!
I love, more like, I’m obsessed with true crime. I am the type of person that has to voice my opinions as I’m either listening or watching. Joining this podcast will not only feed my obsession and let me voice my opinion but will let me tell the stories of the victims which I believe are always overshadowed.



Legs of a Criminal
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We will be covering both famous and unknown cases. We are really focusing on picking content that resonates with us and will hopefully entertain our listeners!


Not all horrible situations have a horrible ending! We love to cover stories where victims face the odds and move on to do great things with their second chance!


We love all things supernatural so we will also be bringing you true events that have been reported and hopefully give you a little scare.


Now, we will always be sensitive to the victims of such horrendous and heinous acts but, we also want to bring a little joy since the subjects that we deal with can be a little dark!

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