Episode 1: Mary Vincent

In our first ever episode, we will be discussing the story of Mary Vincent. In 1978, 15 year old Mary Vincent was hitchhiking to get a away from her divorced parents to see her grandfather in Southern California. While in Berkley, CA Mary was looking for her next ride. Lawrence Singleton happened to be driving by at that point and pulled over to offer Mary a ride. Feeling tired from traveling and assured from Singletons demeanor, Mary got in the van.

All was well when Mary fell asleep during the ride. When Mary woke up she noticed Singleton was going in the opposite direction than what they agreed upon. Mary then confronted Singleton, telling him to turn around and take her back to Los Angeles. Singleton assured Mary that it was an honest mistake, Mary felt he was remorseful and allowed the ride to continue. Later, Singleton then pulled over to relieve himself and Mary got out of the car to stretch her legs and tie her shoes. As Mary bent over Singleton attacked her from behind, knocking her unconscious.

Singleton then dragged Mary back to his van and began raping her. Singleton tied Mary up and began driving. When they stopped Mary was again raped and passed out. When she awoke Mary begged Singleton to "set her free". Singleton responded, "You want to be free? I will set you free." Singleton then proceeded to take an axe and sever Mary's arm. Singleton then threw Mary off of a cliff, leaving her for dead. Mary did not give up and made her way up the steep cliff coming to a road where she was able to get help from a couple on their honeymoon who got to a payphone and called the police. Mary was taken to the hospital where she survived.

Mary went through a trial where Singleton was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison. Today Mary is thriving as a mother and artist, living her best life recovering from a life changing experience.