Episode 2: An Instagram Murder; Bianca Devins

Im going to take you back to the early morning of July 14th 2019 (Boilermaker Sunday) in Utica, NY. The weather was in the mid 60s with high humidity and passing clouds. Police dispatchers are receiving numerous calls about social media posts they have seen reporting that a man had killed his girlfriend and is now threatening to harm himself. When Police arrive at the scene they find a man by green tarp with hair sticking out.

Bianca Devins was considered by the media to be an Instagram star or "E-girl".

What is an E girl you ask? From

What does an e-girl look like? To draw from the most visible stereotypes, she will almost never be wearing her natural hair color (lime green, pink, or half-black, half-white hair are popular shades) and will almost certainly be wearing winged eyeliner. Her clothes are either thrifted (probably from Depop, the app where Instagram influencers make money selling their stuff) or come from alternative-ish online fast fashion retailers like Dolls Kill, which describes itself as an “online boutique for misfits.” E-girl staples include mesh T-shirts, colorful hair clips, Sailor Moon skirts, O-ring collars; on e-boys you’ll see middle-parted hair, chains, and high-waisted pants, though it’s worth noting that to be an e-boy does not require being male; both styles transcend gender. There will be little bits of skate culture, hip-hop, anime, cosplay, BDSM, and goth that will jump out, if you can spot them. In short, e-girls and e-boys are what would happen if you shot a teenager through the internet and they came out the other side.

Currently on her Instagram she has 159,000 followers, there were some media outlets that claimed the bulk of this number was amassed after the murder took place. While I was researching this claim was difficult to substantiate because as of 2018 Instagram's public API has change so its hard to get this kind of information but, according to social blade around July 14th of 2019 her follower count is listed as 2,116. Which is still a decent following for an Instagram account. Her Instagram is still active so I took a look and I guess the best way to describe it is e girl. She seemed very in to anime and that type of stuff. I will say its crazy to go on someone's page that is deceased to see what they were like, well the Instagram version of themselves at least.

I did also find that she had a second account with around 11K followers.

So there were reports that Bianca met Brandon via Instagram and the two formed a fast friendship which led to them meeting each others family. So there is so much conflict on the relationship between the two that it was hard to say. But, that being said Bianca's sister made an announcement “it wasn’t just an ‘internet boyfriend’ this was a close family friend whom we’ve met and trusted so much. I do not want false information being spread around.”

So on the night of July 13th Bianca and Brandon when to a Nicole Dollanganger concert in New York City where they were supposed to meet a friend by the name of Alex as I read on After the concert it is said both Bianca and Cody got in to an escalated argument.

Now, Here is where the information gets really dicey as there is no for sure reason of the fight.

As reported by Bianca and Alex shared a kiss at the concert.

The Oneieda County District Attorney Scott McNamara was quoted as saying "the belief is that she kissed somebody at the concert and that’s what upset him." he also stated “I have a very hard time understanding how anybody can justify taking another young person’s life because they kissed somebody else.”

This is what is so crazy to me that you can get that upset over something like that!!!

But, Moving on…

After the concert which started around 7PM and probably ended around 10PM. It is about 4 hours from NYC to Utica.

In between that time and 7AM, Brandon brutally murdered Bianca in his car. He recorded the entire thing

During the car ride home Bianca and Brandon discussed the said kiss and Bianca made it very clear to Brandon that they were not dating. Kind of like look man we are Just friends, That’s all!

The police also received a call from Brandon himself where he made incriminating statements regarding the murder and alluded to him being suicidal.

Brandon also allegedly made calls to numerous family members about the murder and they all called the police.

Brandon then proceeded to take multiple pictures and videos of Bianca's body and uploaded them to various social media platforms such as Instagram and discord.


"Brandon Clark posted several photos to his now-deleted Instagram, @yesjuliet, before, during and after he allegedly stabbed and killed Bianca Devins. In one post, showing him driving, Clark wrote, “Here comes Hell. It’s redemption, right?”

Another photo showed him standing over what appears to be Devins’ covered body with the caption, “I’m sorry Bianca.” Clark also posted a photo holding a knife with blood stains on his shirt and the caption, “Thanks to everybody who was good to me. I’ll miss you all.”

He changed his Instagram profile to read, ““10/06/1997 – 7/14/19. Just know that I feel no pain now.”

Clark also shared pictures of Devins’ body on a Discord chat server where she was an active member and he had posted in the past, according to other Discord users and screenshots from the server. He posted the photo with the caption, “sorry f*ckers, you’re going to have to find somebody else to orbit.”

When other users on the Discord server questioned whether the photos were real, Clark responded that they were taken in his car and said, “I f*ck Bianca.” Police told BuzzFeed News that Clark was in a “relationship” with Devins and they had been together at a concert, but details of that relationship, if there was one, remain unclear.

Clark signed off with, “anyways, remember to subscribe to Pewdiepie.”

On Facebook, where Clark used the name Brandon Kuwaliski, he wrote, “I’m ending it today. I’m sorry to all the family and friends who wanted me to achieve. I love you all.”

Police track Brandon's phone that he made the call to 911 on and it takes them to a location on a wooded dead end street

They see a black SUV and when they pull up and get out they see Brandon laying on the ground. When officers approached Brandon he almost immediately began stabbing himself in the neck and after laid down across a green tarp. Police then noticed brown hair sticking out of the tarp and asked Brandon if he knew where Bianca was. Brandon advised the police that she was under the tarp

Brandon then pulled out his cell phone and took selfies of him on top of the tarp that he began to post to social media. After a few minute police backup arrived and the were able to disarm Brandon and take him to the hospital. The hospital advised Brandon's injuries were severe he was expected to survive.

Police then confirmed that the body under the tarp was 17 year old Bianca Devins.

Bianca Devins’ sister, Olivia Devins, confirmed on Instagram that Bianca was the victim of the Utica murder. She wrote, “I hate that I have to write this. I hate knowing you’re not going to ever come back home. You were the best sister anyone could’ve ever asked for. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for being the best sister I could ever imagine. Thank you for always protecting me and sticking up for me. I am going to do this for you. Every day I’m going to do my best and I’m going to get through this thing called life and do it all for you. Rest easy, I love you so much forever and always.”


"Writing about the murder on Instagram, Clark's brother James Ward, who is currently stationed with the U.S. Air Force in Alaska, said that he couldn't understand why his brother would have committed such an atrocity.

"I hate you, You took away so many peoples opportunities in life. Hers, yours. Friends. Families. I ask my self, what the f*** happened. I read everything online and can't believe it's true, like that's not you. It can't be. You wouldn't do that," he said.

"F*** I love you bro, always will, but people loved her. Look how much her families hurting, her friends. It's sad, So young, all of you., Here comes hell, redemption right? Now you're condemned and it's gonna be a living hell. I'm glad you're alive, and it hurts to think of you going through that, but you put yourself there. You made her family suffer so much. I watched the vigil, couldn't f***ing keep it together, just wish you'd talked to me. We're family," Ward added."


"Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara told WKTV in Utica.

But, he said it could become a complicated legal case.

“Under the law, there's something called extreme emotional disturbance," he said. "It doesn't negate the crime, but it mitigates it. What I mean by that is it doesn't make it so you're not guilty, it just reduces the level of crime, so it would knock it from a murder second  to manslaughter in the first degree."

During the arraignment Brandon pled not Guilty and a trial was set for some time in February.

However, on February 10, 2020 Brandon then changed his plea to Guilty with an agreement with the district attorneys office . He allegedly made this plea because while he was being held without bail he caught another charge for making a toothbrush into a shank and the DA offered to drop the charge in exchange for his guilty murder plea

With this plea Brandon will spend a min of 25 years in prison.