Episode 6: Mexican Urband Legends

This week we bring you some popular Mexican Urban Legends. We discuss Lechuza which supposedly are witches that transform into owl’s at night and are able to cast spells to hurt others.

We also go into the legend of La Llorona. This legend varies throughout Mexico and South America, but the story that most are familiar with centers around a beautiful woman sometimes named Maria that married a rich man that frequently travelled and eventually he stopped spending time with the family and when he would come home, he would only pay attention to the children and ignore Maria. One day the husband returned, but this time he brought a younger woman with him. He came to say goodbye to his children, ignored Maria and left.

Stricken by anger and grief she took her children to the river. While they were at the river the woman drowned all of her children, realizing what she had done, the woman then drowned herself. Because of this she was denied entry into heaven until she finds the souls of her children that she drowned in the river.

It is said that to this day she continues to go around crying out for the lost souls of her children, kidnapping children that wander around at night and takes them thinking they are her children. When she realizes that it is not her children, she drowns the ones that she took. Listen to hear more!