Episode 8: Kristie Reed

This week we talk about Kristie Reed, On January 29th 1999 in Virginia Stacie Reed Kristie sister was home alone when there was a knock at the door. It was Paul Warner Powell, a friend of Stacie, who was 20 years old. Paul came to confront Stacie over the fact that she had a black boyfriend. The confrontation would then turn physical when Paul attempted to rape Stacie, but she would put up a fight that resulted in Paul stabbing Stacie in the chest.

While this was happening Stacie’s younger sister Kristie, 14, was on her way home from school. When she arrived home something was not right, Kristie got in the house where Paul was waiting for her having a cigarette and helping himself to a glass of iced tea. Paul attacked Kristie, he raped her, stabbed her in the stomach and slashed her throat leaving her to die.

Stacie and Kristie’s stepfather came home her discovered Stacie’s body and went to call the police. Kristie was in the basement not able to speak because of the trauma to her throat. Kristie’s stepfather eventually found her in time for her to survive.

Kristie lived to help get justice for her and her sister Stacie. Paul Warner Powell was identified as the murderer. Paul was convicted and sentenced to death, but he appealed to the supreme court who overturned his death sentence because there was not sufficient evidence that proved Paul raped Stacie.

While in prison Paul had the bright idea to write a letter to the prosecution of his case detailing everything that happened that day to both Stacie and Kristie. He did this because he believed he was safe because of double jeopardy, he would soon find out that was not the case. Paul Warner Powell was tried and sentence to death.

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