Episode 3: The Hello Kitty Murder: Fan Man Yee

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

The Murder of Fan Man Yee was seen as one of the most brutal murders in Hong Kong at the time. A 14 year old girl came into a police station to tell them she was being haunted by a ghost wrapped in electrical cords who was tortured to death.The police believed the girl was just making up stories and did not read much into it until she told police that she was involved in the crime. Police then followed the girl to an apartment where they discovered a Hello Kitty doll with a decapitated head inside. This was the head of Fan Man Yee. She lived a very hard life and was in a constant state of struggle working as a sex worker and in the drug seen. It was late found that she had stolen 4000.00 from Chad Man-Lok, a known drug dealer. When Chad found out it was Fan Man Yee who took his money, he had her kidnapped.He had planned on making her one of his sex workers to pay off the debt. one day he was high on meth and decided instead he was going to torture, burn and beat her to death. As a result of these injuries Fan Man Yee passed away.Due to not having enough evidence to determine cause of death the jury found them guilty not of murder but of manslaughter. Hong Kong does not have the death penalty, so they were sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years. Listen to this episode on our podcast to find out more details!